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Your competent partner for the filling and dosing of liquids and supplier of systems' solutions

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Many companies only deliver the components - Logdos supplies the complete concept

Complex "turn-key projects" for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry are an important and everyday topic for Logdos. Based on the wide performance spectrum Logdos offers, we are able to supply most components and systems from our own company group. The logistic combination of all production steps, aside from the filling technology and control techniques, is taken as a matter of course by our engineers and technicians. Consequently we are in the position to offer our customers an optimal and rational flow of material.

The central head process control coordinates the single sub process controls and connects the process with the superior control level (PLS). The ofen useful process visualization completes our performances and assures our customers their optimizing goal.


GIF (41713 bytes)  System solution: Multi Position Fully Automatic Drum Filling Unit Type A-DOS-FS4 and IBC  Filling Unit with conveying system, palletizing robots and other handing systems. Connection to superior process control systems with visualization.

GIF (53833 bytes)  Fully Automatic Filling Unit for consisters Type A-DOS-K

gif (28914 bytes)  Single Position Fully Automatic Drum Filling Unit Type A-DOS-FS1

GIF (35956 bytes)  Co-ordinate Filling Unit Type K-DOS

GIF (51091 bytes)  Single Filling Unit Type S-DOS

GIF (50565 bytes)  Multi Position Fully Automatic Drum Filling Unit Type A-DOS-FS4

GIF (41300 bytes)  Fully Automatic Pail Filling Unit Type A-DOS-E

GIF (39515 bytes)  Co-ordinate Filling Unit Type K-DOS

GIF (42078 bytes)  Radial Filling Unit Type R-DOS


Logdos GmbH

For ten years Logdos was concerned with the filling technology of liquids and is since that time the competent and reliable partner for middle class companies as well as notable major business customers in home country and foregin countries.

Logdos is planning and realizing stations in the range of filing and dosing technology.

from semi-automatic filing station
up tu fully automatic filing station





weighing technology/mass flow meter technology

conveying technology


further peripheral equipment

mainly for the




chemical industry

colours and lacquer industry

food industry (GMP conditions)

pharmaceutical industry (GMP conditions)

Logdos distinguishes itself by









customer-specific solutions

Our exstensive competency and steady developing assures you economy solutions to your requirements.

Please draw on our capacities, if you fill liquid media in cans, canisters, drums, hobbocks, IBC's or other containerts.

The necessary connection to your automatic process is part of our delivery extant as a matter of course.

Besides our individual and qualifiedadvice and the optimum design we convince by our short-term installations and preparation of the readiness for operation - as well for simple applications as for complex filling stations and systems.

Smooth execution of maintenance, repairs as well as spare parts supply have maximum priority for us.

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